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SAP FICO Training in Marathahalli, Bangalore by RIA institute offers students an innovative way to learn SAP FICO in Bangalore. With experienced SAP FICO professional trainers and advanced lab Facilities to practice SAP FICO, students can complete SAP FICO training on real time scenario. Our SAP FICO Training institute in Bangalore is rated as one of the Best SAP FICO Learning Centre on Google.

Training methodology used for conducting SAP FICO course includes ease of understanding SAP FICO concepts, latest examples in SAP FICO classes and real time practical exposure. This ensures that students opting for SAP FICO training in Marathahalli, Bangalore get value for money. Our SAP FICO course content is structured to cover all concepts under SAP FICO Training.

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    Advantages of Studying SAP FICO with Us

    • SAP FICO Hands on experience
    • Project support on SAP FICO
    • Real time exposure on latest SAP FICO modules
    • Advanced SAP FICO Training methodologies
    • Lab facilities and guidance

    SAP FICO Trainers at RIA Institute

    • 8+ Years of experience on SAP FICO Projects
    • Has worked on multiple real-time SAP FICO scenarios
    • Worked as Top SAP FICO Consultant in MNC’s across the globe
    • Trained over 100 students over the years
    • Certified SAP FICO industry professional
    • Strong Knowledge of SAP FICO Theory and Practical’s

    SAP FICO Training Facilities

    Coaching facilities for SAP FICO Training in Marathahalli, Bangalore are best suited for Fresher’s as well as experienced professionals who are actively looking for upgrading skills in SAP FICO. From SAP FICO training consultation to SAP FICO course completion we offer complete support to students. Regular reviews are conducted to ensure that SAP FICO Training is being conducted in a structured manner and the students are able to understand all the SAP FICO Training concepts.

    SAP FICO Training Batch Timings

    We offer flexible batch timings for SAP FICO Training in Bangalore. Students can choose to join our weekday batches for SAP FICO course and IT professionals looking for SAP FICO Training to advance in their career can join our Weekend classes based on their convenience. We also offer Fast Track Training for students who want to complete SAP FICO course in detail in a short span.

    SAP FICO Course Content

    Our SAP FICO Course content is structured to cover all the modules within SAP FICO. From basic to advance, we give SAP FICO training in Bangalore in a manner that is easy to understand.

    Below is the detailed course content for SAP FICO Training


    • Introduction to EPR SAP
    • Basic business functions
    • Application in SAP
    • R/3 Architecture
    • User and Role Map Creations


    • Define Company
    • Define Credit Control Area
    • Edit, Copy, Delete, Check Company Code
    • Define Functional Area
    • Maintain Consolidation business area
    • Maintain financial management area
    • Assign Company code to Company
    • Assign business area to Consolidation business area
    • Assign controlling area to Consolidation business area
    • Assign Controlling area to financial management area


    • ENTER Global parameters
    • Fiscal Year Setting
    • Posting Periods
    • Define Document Types and
    • Define Posting Keys
    • Maintain Field Status Variants
    • Indicate Currency Differences for Partial Payments
    • Define Text IDs for Documents
    • Maximum Exchange Rate Differences
    • Define Texts for Line Items
    • Default Values for Document Processing


    • Define Country specific Chart of accounts
    • Define Operative Chart of accounts
    • Define Account Group
    • Define Retained Earnings Account
    • Sample Accounts
    • Block/Unblock GL Accounts
    • G/L Account Creation and Processing
    • Delete G/L Account
    • Delete Chart of Accounts
    • Block/Unblock Chart of Accounts


    • Define Tolerance Groups for G/L Accounts
    • Define Tolerance Groups for Employees
    • Assign Users to Tolerance Groups
    • General Document posting
    • Sample Document
    • Recurring Entry Document
    • Parked Documents
    • Hold Documents
    • Reverse Document
    • Open item Management
    • Incoming Payments
    • Outgoing Payments
    • Manual clearing
    • Automatic clearing
    • Foreign Currency Posting
    • Foreign Currency Valuation
    • Enter Accrual/Deferral Doc
    • Work List preparations
    • Reset Cleared Items
    • Display Balances (With Variant)
    • Business area Overview Report
    • Editing Options
    • Control Totals
    • Correspondence Internal document
    • Account Assignment Model
    • Define Group Chart of Accounts
    • Multiple Currencies
    • Set Company Code to Productive


    • Define Account Groups with Screen Layout (Customers)
    • Create Number Ranges for Customer Accounts
    • Assign Number Ranges to Customer Accounts Groups
    • Define Tolerances for Customers/Vendors
    • Define Tolerance Groups for Employees
    • Assign Users to Tolerance Groups
    • Customer Document Posting
    • Down Payment
    • Bill of exchange
    • Dunning


    • Cross Company code transactions in G/L
    • Cross company code transactions in A/R
    • Cross company code transactions in A/P
    • Cross company code transactions in Asset accounting
    • Cancellations of Cross company code transactions


    • Define Financial Statement Versions
    • Display of Trial Balance
    • Display of GL Balance
    • Display of A/R Balance


    • Movement types
    • Valuation class
    • Valuation area
    • Process key
    • Valuation grouping
    • Material types
    • Define Plant
    • Define Division
    • Maintain Storage Location
    • Maintain Purchasing Organization
    • Assign plant to company code
    • Assign business are to plant/valuation area and division
    • Assign purchasing organization to company code
    • Creation of Material Group
    • Maintain company code for material management
    • Define attributes of martial types
    • Set tolerance group for purchase orders
    • Set tolerance limits for goods receipt
    • Plant parameters
    • Maintain default values for tax codes
    • Set tolerance limits for invoice verification
    • Define automatic status change
    • Group together valuation areas
    • Configure automatic posting
    • Document type & number ranges
    • Interest calculation
    • Display of A/P Balance
    • Display of ASSETS Balances
    • Balance carry forward process
    • Month ending activates
    • Year ending activates
    • LSMW
    • Fi-co tables
    • Structure of account balances
    • Automatic Clearing
    • Maintain Terms of Payment
    • Define Terms of Payment for Installation Payments
    • Define Accounts for Cash Discount Granted
    • Define Accounts for overpayments / Underpayments
    • Define Accounts for Exchange Rate Differences


    • Define Account Groups with Screen Layout (Vendors)
    • Create Number Ranges for Vendor Accounts
    • Assign Number Ranges to Vendor Account Groups
    • Define Tolerance for Customers/Vendors
    • Define Tolerance Groups for Employees
    • Assign Users to Tolerance Groups
    • Vendor Document Posting
    • Down Payment
    • Bill of Exchange
    • Define Accounts for Cash Discount Taken
    • Define Accounts for Exchange Rate Differences
    • Define Accounts for Bank Charges (Vendors)
    • Define Accounts for Overpayments / Underpayments
    • Automatic Payment program
    • Charge of differences


    • Individual Check payment
    • Excise duty
    • Withholding tax


    • Define House Bank
    • Bank Account Interest Calculation
    • Cash Journals
    • Check Deposit
    • B.R.S
    • Post date Check
    • Check bouncing


    • Copy Chart of Depreciation
    • Creation of 0% Tax Codes
    • Assign Tax Codes for Non-Taxable Transactions
    • Assign Chart of Depreciation to Company Code
    • Specify Account Determination
    • Create Screen Layout Rules
    • Define Asset Classes
    • Define Number Ranges
    • Creation of GL Accounts
    • Integration with GL
    • Determine Depreciation Areas in Asset Classes
    • Define Screen Layout for Asset Master Data
    • Define Screen Layouts for Asset Depreciation Areas
    • Manual check payment
    • Check register
    • Check encashment
    • Check Renumber
    • Reprint check
    • Unused checks cancellation
    • Issued checks cancellation
    • Cancel Payment
    • Delete for payment run
    • Delete Manual checks
    • Data Takeover
    • Balances uploading
    • Closing procedures


    • Vat Act
    • Cst Act
    • How to View Sub Asset Value Balances
    • How to View The Asset Balances
    • Depreciation Run
    • Sale of Asset
    • Transfer of Asset
    • Scraping of An Asset
    • Asset under Constructions
    • Material master creation
    • To open material periods
    • Purchase order creation
    • Goods receipts
    • Invoices verification
    • Goods issue for consumption
    • Display material ledger
    • Display material documents


    • Define Sales Organization
    • Define distribution channel
    • Define Shipping Point
    • Assign Sales organization to Company code
    • Assign distribution channel to sales organization
    • Assign division to sales organization
    • Define Number Ranges for Depreciation Postings
    • Specify Intervals and Posting Rules
    • Specify Round up Net Book Valuation
    • Depreciation Keys
    • Define Base Method
    • Define Declining Balance Methods
    • Define Multi Level Methods
    • Define Period Control Methods
    • Define Depreciation Key
    • Asset Master Creation
    • Creation of Sub-Asset
    • Asset Purchase Posting
    • Define credit controlling Area
    • Decentralized credit managements
    • Central credit managements
    • Credit Controlling are Currency-Central organizations
    • Assigning Credit Controlling are for Company codes
    • Assigning customer-credit Controlling are
    • Creating Credit Data
    • Credit Limits for Groups of Customers
    • Displaying Credit Limits
    • Postings Without Credit Limit Checks
    • Automatic credit control


    • Define symbolic accounts
    • Defining Wages types
    • Mapping Wages types to Symbolic accounts
    • Mapping Symbolic accounts to GL Accounts
    • Payroll Posting to accounting
    • Retroactive Posting with amount changes
    • Setup Sales area
    • Assign sales organization distribution channel-Plant
    • Define rules by Sales Area
    • Assign Shipping point to plant
    • Define Pricing Procedure determination
    • Define tax determination rules
    • Assignment of accounts for automatic postings
    • Setup partner determination
    • Assign shipping points
    • Creation of condition types
    • Sales orders creation
    • Delivery
    • Billing document


    • Reverse Posting
    • Check Completeness
    • Utilizing the payment program


    • Maintain Controlling area
    • Activate control indicators/components
    • Assigns Company Code
    • Plan versions
    • Maintain controlling document number ranges


    • Create primary/Secondary Cost
    • elements
    • Cost element group


    • Creation of Cost Center Std.Hierrachy
    • efine Cost Center Categories
    • Creation of Cost Center Group
    • Creation of Cost Center
    • Statistical Key Figures creations
    • Statistical posting(Actual)
    • Statistical posting(Plan)
    • Activity types creations
    • Activity types posting(Actual)
    • Activity types posting(Plan)
    • Direct Activity allocations
    • Indirect Activity allocations
    • Activate Inactive Cost Centers
    • Posting with Cost center
    • Planning of Cost Center
    • Distribution methods (Actual)
    • Distribution methods(Plan)
    • Assessment (Actual)
    • Assessment (Plan)
    • Maintain number ranges for settlement documents
    • Settlement of internal order to cost centers
    • Apportionment of Cost between internal Orders
    • Settlement of internal Orders
    • Budgeting and Availability Control
    • Maintain Budget Profile
    • Maintain Number Ranges for Budgeting
    • Define Tolerance Limits for Availability Control
    • Specify Exempt Cost Elements from Availability Control
    • Maintain Budget Manager


    • Maintain controlling area setting
    • Periodic Reposting (Actual)
    • Periodic Reposting (Plan)
    • Period lock
    • Reconciliation ledger
    • Accrual orders
    • Manual reposts of Costs
    • Reverse Manual reposts of Costs
    • Repost Line Items
    • Reverse Repost Line Items
    • Manual Cost Allocation
    • Cost Center Budgets
    • Price Calculation
    • Goods issue to cost center
    • Goods returned by the cost center
    • Commitment managements


    • Creation of Internal Order type
    • Creation of Internal Order
    • Creation of Internal Order Group
    • Creation of number range
    • Actual posting to Internal group
    • Maintain allocation structures
    • Maintain settlement profiles
    • Maintain assignment of SD Conditions to co-ap value field
    • Maintain assignment of MM
    • conditions to co-ap value field
    • Maintain PA structures for direct posting
    • Activate profitability analysis
    • Define forms
    • Create profitability reports


    • Creation of activity type
    • Define overhead keys
    • Define overhead group
    • Define calculation bases
    • Define percentage overhead
    • Creation of Profit cost center Group
    • Create dummy profit center
    • Creation of profit center
    • Assign the profit center to cost center
    • Set control parameter for actual data
    • Maintain plan versions
    • Define number ranges for local documents
    • Creation of revenue elements
    • Maintain automatic account assignment of revenue elements
    • Choose additional balances sheet & profit & loss A/c
    • Creation of Account groups
    • Planning of P&L items
    • Planning of balances sheet items
    • Profit center reports


    • Define operating concern
    • Define profitability segment characteristics
    • Assign controlling area to operating concern
    • Define no ranges for actual posting
    • Define Ledgers for General Ledger Accounting
    • Define Currencies of Leading Ledger
    • Define and Activate Non-Leading Ledgers
    • Define Ledger Group
    • Entry view and General leader view for Financial accounting documents


    • Define credits
    • Define costing sheet
    • Assign costing sheet to costing variant
    • Define cost component structures
    • Define persons responsible for work center
    • Define MRP controller
    • Define floats
    • Define production scheduler
    • Planning for machine hours
    • Machine down rate calculations
    • Creation of Bill of material
    • Creation of work center
    • Creation of routing
    • Creation of cost estimate the quality structure


    • Possibilities with New General Ledger
    • Benefits of New General Ledger Accounting
    • Activating of New General Ledger Accounting
    • Leading Ledgers and Non Leading Ledgers
    • Assign Scenarios and Customer Fields to Ledgers
    • Define Segment
    • Assignment of Segment
    • Classify G/L Accounts for Document Splitting
    • Classify Document Types for Document Splitting
    • Define Zero-Balance Clearing Account
    • Define Document Splitting Characteristics for General Ledger Accounting
    • Define Document Splitting Characteristics for Controlling
    • Define Post-Capitalization of Cash Discount to Assets
    • Define Document Splitting Method
    • Define Document Splitting Rule
    • Assign Document Splitting Method
    • Define Business Transaction Variants


    • Integration with Account payables
    • Integration with Account receivables
    • Integration with Asset accounting
    • Integration with controlling
    • Integration with Martial Management


    • Define Valuations Area
    • Define Valuations method
    • Asian Valuations Areas and Valuations method
    • Define Accounting Principles
    • Assign Accounting Principle to Ledger Groups
    • Assign Accounting Principle to Valuations Areas
    • Foreign currency valuation for Open items


    • Define Functional Area
    • Activate Cost of Sales Accounting for Preparation
    • Enter Functional Area in G/L Account Master Data
    • Enter Functional Area in Cost Element Master Data
    • Enter Functional Area in Cost Center Categories
    • Financial statement preparations for cost of sales accounting

    Best SAP FICO Training institute in Bangalore

    • Trained over 2000 students
    • Over a Decade of experience in Training industry
    • Experienced and Certified trainers
    • Practical and Theory training
    • Flexible Batch timings