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Unix Shell Scripting Training in Bangalore

Best Unix Shell Scripting Training in Marathahalli, Bangalore

Best Unix Shell Scripting Training in Bangalore

Unix Shell Scripting Training in Marathahalli, Bangalore by RIA institute offers students an innovative way to learn Unix Shell Scripting in Bangalore. With experienced Unix Shell Scripting professional trainers and advanced lab Facilities to practice Unix Shell Scripting, students can complete Unix Shell Scripting training on real time scenario. Our Unix Shell Scripting Training institute in Bangalore is rated as one of the Best Unix Shell Scripting Learning Centre on Google.

Training methodology used for conducting Unix Shell Scripting course includes ease of understanding Unix Shell Scripting concepts, latest examples in Unix Shell Scripting classes and real time practical exposure. This ensures that students opting for Unix Shell Scripting training in Marathahalli, Bangalore get value for money. Our Unix Shell Scripting course content is structured to cover all concepts under Unix Shell Scripting Training.

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    Advantages of Studying Unix Shell Scripting with Us

    • Unix Shell Scripting Hands on experience
    • Project support on Unix Shell Scripting
    • Real time exposure on latest Unix Shell Scripting modules
    • Advanced Unix Shell Scripting Training methodologies
    • Lab facilities and guidance

    Unix Shell Scripting Trainers at RIA Institute

    • 8+ Years of experience on Unix Shell Scripting Projects
    • Has worked on multiple real-time Unix Shell Scripting scenarios
    • Worked as Top Unix Shell Scripting Consultant in MNC’s across the globe
    • Trained over 100 students over the years
    • Certified Unix Shell Scripting industry professional
    • Strong Knowledge of Unix Shell Scripting Theory and Practical’s

    Unix Shell Scripting Training Facilities

    Coaching facilities for Unix Shell Scripting Training in Marathahalli, Bangalore are best suited for Fresher’s as well as experienced professionals who are actively looking for upgrading skills in Unix Shell Scripting. From Unix Shell Scripting training consultation to Unix Shell Scripting course completion we offer complete support to students. Regular reviews are conducted to ensure that Unix Shell Scripting Training is being conducted in a structured manner and the students are able to understand all the Unix Shell Scripting Training concepts.

    Unix Shell Scripting Training Batch Timings

    We offer flexible batch timings for Unix Shell Scripting Training in Bangalore. Students can choose to join our weekday batches for Unix Shell Scripting course and IT professionals looking for Unix Shell Scripting Training to advance in their career can join our Weekend classes based on their convenience. We also offer Fast Track Training for students who want to complete Unix Shell Scripting course in detail in a short span.

    Unix Shell Scripting Course Content

    Our Unix Shell Scripting Course content is structured to cover all the modules within Unix Shell Scripting. From basic to advance, we give Unix Shell Scripting training in Bangalore in a manner that is easy to understand.

    Below is the detailed course content for Unix Shell Scripting Training

    Introduction to Unix

    • The Unix kernel and its function
    • UNIX file system, /root / and its descendents, Parent child relationships. File system view
    • Types of files, directories, devices, Pathnames(absolute and relative).
    • Navigating the file system, list cd, cd~,tree etc

    Understanding the command line

    • Command line syntax
    • Command types- simple, compound, internal, external
    • Command execution process internals
    • File and directory handling commands
    • Is the shell a program or a command interpreter?
    • Bash,ksh,csh,sh,tcsh overview

    The shell

    • Which shell? :- sh,ksh,csh,bash,tcsh etc
    • Shell wildcard characters, quoting and fencing
    • Input and output Redirection, Pipes, supported commands
    • Interactive, non-interactive, login, non-login shells

    The vi Editor

    • Basic functions and overview
    • Switching between three modes
    • Detailed approach to familiarize with vi/vim, (ask for a demo)
    • Search and replace text, read and write from different files, select and copy regions, create multiple clipboards, create keymaps , etc
    • customize the editor environment and make it permanent.

    Access Control through file attributes

    • Root user, Users and groups
    • File and directory access control
    • Changing file/directory attributes
    • Changing users and groups
    • Special permissions, sticky bit etc

    The Processes and job control

    • Process and program and files
    • Listing and monitoring processes
    • Process control, send to background,bring to foreground, pause execution
    • Job Control, Changing process priority level, cron,at and batch for scheduled execution, sleep and wait

    The Environment

    • What is environment,set,env,setenv,etc.
    • Difference between different shell environments
    • Difference between local and global profiles
    • Understanding and customizing shell startup scripts,
    • ie- .profile, .bash_profile, .bashrc , .bash_logout and their eqivalents

    Basic useful utilities

    • Who,date,calculator,calendar etc
    • Zip,unzip,backup,convert,
    • Mailing and printing
    • Changing time stamps of files, hard and soft links.
    • locating files with locate and find.

    General and advanced filters

    • Word count, translating streams, paginating, pagers etc
    • Octal display, cutting fields and characters, paste etc.
    • Searching patterns using grep.
    • Sorting files with multiple keys,
    • Working with list of files using xargs, exec and ok.
    • Advanced stream editors sed and awk with programming constructs.

    Basic scripts

    • Introduction to shell scripts, what, why, where, how
    • Shell features, which one to choose
    • Variables ,Read and echo, shell variables, Special characters and comment.
    • Running a Script on the Command-line,different ways to run a script.
    • Running a Script from within vi, PATH and bin, Script Interpreters
    • Exercise and project

    Decision Making and flow control

    • Displaying and using variables, command substitution, The Trouble with Quotes, line Control
    • Printing and formatting the output
    • Conditional command execution, Positional parameters
    • Creating positional parameters
    • Conditional substitution, True and False
    • if , else & elif Statements, case statements
    • Exercise and project

    Looping and breaking

    • The while and until loop
    • The ‘for’ loop
    • Breaking out of a loop and continuing
    • Associative arrays,
    • Exercise and project


    • Program Structure
    • Defining and Calling a Function
    • Function Parameters
    • Function Return Values
    • Exercise and project

    Command-line Parameters

    • Command line parameter details
    • Command-line Control
    • Set and shift, evaluating twice
    • Usage messages

    Advanced Scripting

    • Debugging
    • Default Values for Variables, arithmetic evaluation using expr and let
    • Temporary Files
    • Preventing Abnormal Termination, signals and immortal scripts
    • File redirection revisited, merging streams, creating file handles.
    • Exercise and project.

    Networking and Database in Scripts

    • Creating Database in Scripts, connecting to database
    • Sending commands to Server with Scripts, Formatting the received Output
    • Networking Tools, ping telnet, ftp, scp etc
    • Resolving IP Address,
    • Project and further readings

    Creating Utilities and essential system administration

    • Sending Mails from scripts
    • Performing Backups
    • Managing User Accounts
    • Scheduling CRON jobs and sharing practical experience
    • Startup and shutdown
    • Managing disk space
    • Run levels

    Best Unix Shell Scripting Training institute in Bangalore

    • Trained over 2000 students
    • Over a Decade of experience in Training industry
    • Experienced and Certified trainers
    • Practical and Theory training
    • Flexible Batch timings